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Matlab Plots, LaTeX, and IEEE Transactions. Also LRT symbol. Updated March 8, 2014.

Wellness, Health, and Counseling: After clicking here, be sure to click the "Total Wellness" tab.

Handbook of Mathematical Functions, by Abramowitz and Stegun:
Link for anyone, NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions

Bell System Technical Journal (BSTJ) [scroll to bottom and click on link]
The Matrix Reference Manual by Michael Brookes

Claude Shannon: Statue, Bell Labs Obit, AMS Notices 2002

Madison: Information, Maps, Bicycling, Weather (Nat'l Weather Service), darksky.net

Control Cartoons, How to pronounce Wisconsin names, Overused words and phrases,
"How to Speak Like a Founding Father"

Wisconsin Population/Census Information from WI-DOA

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