Systems Seminar

Unless noted otherwise, all talks are on Wednesdays starting at 3:30 pm

Schedule for Fall 2003

Date Location Speaker Title
Sep 244610 EH Rob Nowak Multiscale Analysis Methods for Signal Processing and Pattern Classification
Oct 15
at 4 pm
4610 EH Christoforos Hadjicostis Coding Approaches to Fault Tolerance in Dynamic Systems
Oct 224610 EH Steven K. Korotky Network Global Expectation Model: A Formalism for Quickly Quantifying Network Needs and Costs
Oct 294610 EH Ian Dobson Cascading Failure, Criticality, and the Risk of Large Blackouts
Nov 194610 EH Secin Guncavdi Combined Transmitter Diversity and Multiuser Precoding for CDMA Channels

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