Systems Seminar

Unless noted otherwise, all talks are on Wednesdays starting at 3:45 pm.

Schedule for Fall 1998

Date Speaker Title
Sep. 9 Louis Scharf Geometrical Ideas in Statistical Signal and Array Processing
Sep. 30 Paul Milenkovic Fast Numerical Calculation of Static Fields by Geometric Construction or Where Signal Processing Meets Field Theory
Oct. 5
at 2:30
Gerald Matz A Time-Frequency Approach to Minimax Robust Estimation of Nonstationary Random Signals
Oct. 16
at 2:30
Patrick Ozzard-Low New Technologies for 21st Century Orchestral Instruments
Oct. 28 Akbar Sayeed An Integrated Signal Processing Framework for Multiuser Wireless Communications
Nov. 11 Yu Hen Hu Recent Progress in Decompressed Image Artifact Reduction

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