Systems Seminar

Unless noted otherwise, all talks are on Wednesdays starting at 3:30 pm in 4610 Engr. Hall.

Schedule for Spring 1999

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 27 Louis Scharf Signal Processing and Communication in Canonical Coordinates
Feb. 24 Barry Van Veen Dimension Reduction via Subspace Mapping: When Less is More in Signal Processing
Mar. 17 Jim Bucklew Slow-Fast Adaptive Algorithms and Averaging Theory
Mar. 24
in 2421 EH
Yuri Suhov Fast Jackson Networks
Apr. 14 Chris DeMarco Predatory Control Objectives in an Electric Generation Market: Eigenstructure Assignment for Selective Destabilization of Competitors
Apr. 28 Arye Nehorai EEG/MEG Spatio-Temporal Dipole Source Estimation

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